Installing Fira Code with ligatures on Sublime Text 3 – Mac OS

I have been Sublime Text user for past 5 years and I really believe no other text editor can even match the speed, performance and simplicity of Sublime Text. Only thing that has been missing for me was ligature support. I loved Fira Code very much and I really wanted this to be enabled on Sublime text. Fira code offers beautiful ligatures for operators. I have been waiting for this particular feature on Sublime Text for so long. There has been numerous threads seeking the same feature from many developers across web.
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Decoding Laravel 5.5 : report()

laravel report

Taylor Otwell – founder of Laravel recently announced about the new helper function report() that is going to be available from Laravel 5.5. This function helps you to report the exception without stopping the request. And Today, I’m going to explain how this function works under the hood. Lets get started.
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Decoding Laravel : Eloquent touch()

laravel eloquent touch

Today we are going to see about laravel eloquent touch method. Touch touch() is a method offered by eloquent that is used to update the updated_at field on the database table for the given model. For example, if you have a login system and you wanted to update the updated_at field whenever a user logs in (as last login), then you do this by $user->touch(). Laravel updates the updated_at field to current date and time.
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Decoding Laravel Validation : $this->validate()


Recently, while working on one of my project, I was wondering how laravel $this->validate() works under the hood. So I decided to dig deep into laravel core to find its implementation. Upon finding, it persuaded me to start a series called “Decoding Laravel”. So from now on, I’m planning to publish once in a while explaining about core functionalities of laravel. Today, we are going to decode laravel validation ($this->validate()) method. I’m using laravel 5.4 for this article.
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